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What is Dry Eye??

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We work with leading researchers and optometrists to really understand what actually causes dry eyes.

Dry eye is caused by eyes not producing enough tears, or tears evaporating too quickly. This is very common condition, and may be associated with age, weather conditions (dry, windy weather). Hours spent on the computer resulting in less blinking is also a common cause. Dry eye may be associated with disease, or medication.

Have you ever felt a persistent burning, stinging or gritty sensation in your eyes? These are just a few symptoms associated with Dry eye disease. Dry eye is the simple term used to describe these symptoms, but the actual medical term is keratoconjunctivitis sicca – sounds complicated! The complexity doesn’t stop there -Dry eye disease is defined as a multifactorial disease of the surface of the eye and occurs when the tear film of the eye loses its natural balance (structure of the tear film shown in figure 1) or isn’t being produced enough to moisturise the eyes.

Your eyes will be red, itchy, blurred and sore and may feel gritty.

“It is a myth that your eyes don’t feel watery, and that clearing the redness will solve the problem. Dry eyes is different to an allergy – this is caused by a sensitivity to the environment.”

This is exactly the problem we work to solve at Peep Club.

Interesting facts

  • There is a direct link to time spent in front of a screen (because you blink 6-8 times less when you stare at a screen, preventing your tears from replenishing).

  • There is a direct link to wearing contact lenses.

  • There is a direct link to age.

  • It is a common side-effect of having LASIK / laser eye surgery or other eye surgeries.

  • Make up may contribute.

  • Correct management is the best solution.

  • 48% of adult Americans experience dry eye and it is twice as likely to happen in women rather than men (

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