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How to: the ultimate mini-eye mask

Dry under eye skin is one of the side-effects of a long, cold winter. Unfortunately, this dryness can also exaggerate any fine lines around the eyes. Add to this, long days spent in front of zoom and minimal sleep and well… you get the picture. We’ve developed a fool-proof at-home mini-eye mask routine (that incorporates your favourite eye cream) to help you combat these dry winter eyes (or at least, the dry winter, under eyes)!

It uses the same principle as ‘slugging’ (a skincare trend aimed at preventing trans-epidermal water-loss and restoring your skin barrier); by locking in the moisture and nutrients of your products it can help to restore the delicate eye skin.

Three step mini-eye mask:

  1. One spray of the Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray on each eye – use this as a base for your mini-eye mask. This sodium hyaluronate will draw moisture into the skin cells of your delicate eye skin to help plump it up and relieve dryness (as a bonus it is also clinically proven to help relieve dry eye symptoms).

  2. Give the spray 60 seconds to get to work.

  3. Next, add your favourite eye cream – or indeed, your favourite face cream (if you use this around your eye area) – our favourite eye creams contain peptides, ceramides or Vitamin C.

  4. Allow 60 seconds for this eye cream to work its way into your skin.

  5. Finally finish with a thin layer of our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm – to lock in all the nourishment and water from the two layers of hard-hitting ingredients.

Leave the mini-eye mask on for 5-15 minutes or even sleep in it overnight! You should wake up with a softer, plumper, more hydrated eye area. Don’t forget to make sure to use sun cream in the morning!

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