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What we pack: Flying with Dry Eyes

We asked the members of our team what they pack in their hand-luggage for the perfect flight experience, here’s what they said:


1. Dr Harris Silk Eye Mask helps me fall asleep on flights

2. Derma E Vitamin C Bright Eyes under eye patches to leave the flight looking refreshed

3. Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray; spritz over both eyes every 3-4 hours to help combat the extra dryness of a flight and the redness of tired eyes - this is a flight superhero!

4. Sioris Rose Mist for juicy, hydrated skin

5. Olio E Osso lip balm in No. 4 berry for a natural flush of colour (it can be used on the lips to keep them hydrated and also on the cheeks and even the eyelids!)

6. Bombas Compression socks to keep circulation going

7. A giant bottle of water I try to drink at least 1L of water on every flight

8. An entertaining book: I am currently reading comedic legend Martin Short’s autobiography: “I Must Say, My Life As A Humble Comic Legend” – it’s a fun easy read!


1. Chillys water bottle

2. Dettol cucumber hand sanitiser

3. Audible subscription

4. JLab wireless ear buds

5. Carex lip balm

6. Gap grey suede travel pouch

7. Peep Club Heated Eye Wand (OBVS) - get very jealous looks when I use it on the plane

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