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Do you have Dry Eyes ? 

Take our speedy 30-second screening quiz to see if you have the symptoms of dry eyes.

1. Have you experienced any of the following eye symptoms in the past 3 months *tick all that apply

2. How often have you experienced the symptom on the left?

Tired eyesNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentTired eyes
Irritated eyesNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentIrritated eyes
Sore eyesNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentSore eyes
A scratchy feelingNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentA scratchy feeling
A gritty feelingNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentA gritty feeling
A burning feelingNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentA burning feeling
Watery eyesNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentWatery eyes
Red eyesNeverRarelySometimesFrequentlyPersistentRed eyes

3. How severe are your symptoms?

Tired eyesUnnoticable BareableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableTired eyes
Irritated eyesUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableIrritated eyes
Sore eyesUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableSore eyes
A scratchy feelingUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableA scratchy feeling
A gritty feelingUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableA gritty feeling
A burning feelingUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableA burning feeling
4. Do you use any of the following to help with your eyes? *tick all that apply
Watery eyesUnnoticableBearableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableWatery eyes
Red eyesUnnoticableBareableUncomfortableIrritatingUnbearableRed eyes

If you have any of the above symptoms you may have dry eyes. 

Peep Club is here to help!

We can set you up with one of our eye care professionals at the click of a button -  to find out more about how you can manage your symptoms. 

At Peep Club we believe in data privacy so we don't store or log any of the answers to the quiz questions!

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