Making transparent and sustainable choices, starting from the way we design our products to creation and delivery, is at the very heart of what we do.


100% of our packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. 


For our products we only use PET plastic (the most easily recyclable plastic) or aluminum (which is infinitely recyclable - in fact, 75% of aluminum ever made is still in use today, due to its recylability). Even our wand, doesn't use batteries specifically because they're tough to recycle. We try keep our products in their 'birthday suit', choosing to use minimal external paper packaging to reduce unnecessary waste. When we do use paper packaging - for shipping, everything from our bubble wrap to our box is recyclable! 


We hope that you will reuse our bamboo pads to their full effect (reusable up to 200 washes! Saving you from throwing away 100+ single use cotton pads) Just make sure you pop them in their washing bag when you add them to your weekly laundry.

The Coconut Balm and All You Need Treat Kit all come in reusable containers, feel free to refill with perfume or use as a cute storage tub in your bathroom/ kitchen.   


The best way to help us keep our footprint small is by reusing Peep Club in creative ways. Our subscription service, coming soon, will allow you to refill your containers rather than buy a new one. And our up-cycle programme means we'll happily trade-in any packaging and recycle it on your behalf for a discount off your next Peep Club purchase.