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Remedies for Hayfever this summer

Eyes are very vulnerable to hayfever in the spring and summer months. Here are 5 things you can do to manage it better:

  1. Start your day with a protective eye drop or spray – like our Instant Relief Eye Spray. It must be preservative-free (look for this on the label) if you are going to use it regularly. This will provide your eyes with an extra layer of defence against the pollen. If it is gentle enough, you can use it throughout the day too – ours is contact lens safe and able to be applied over makeup.

  2. Regularly clean your eye lashes throughout the day. This is not one for make-up wearers unfortunately! Pollen often gets trapped in our eyelashes. Gently cleansing the area once or twice throughout the day can make a big difference – a really easy way to do this is to apply a few sprays of our eye spray or your favourite eye drops to a tissue paper or cotton pad and gently clean the lashes.

  3. Don’t rub your eyes! Easier said than done, but rubbing the eyes actually releases more of the histamines that are causing the hayfever symptoms! Plus, rubbing isn’t great for the delicate eye area skin.

  4. Think cold! When it comes to hayfever, cool compresses and cool showers will help calm symptoms – avoid excess heat that will cause the blood capillaries to dilate and exacerbate hayfever symptoms.

  5. Protect your eyes – indoors is better than outdoors when it comes to escaping hayfever but if that isn’t an option then opt for big sunglasses (ideally wrap-around styles or styles that hug the sides of your face closely) to try block micro-particles of pollen from coming near your eyes.

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