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“I have no beauty regime to speak of but genuinely love this product! You’ve also solved all my birthday buying from now on :)”

- Rachel W, 58, London

4th June 2020

“"5/5 for product and customer support. The eye wand has really helped stop my dry eyes, they feel so much more comfortable now. It's also a pleasure to use as it has a relaxing effect over the whole eye area. I also use it on the lip area and over facial lines. Definitely recommend."!”

- Catherine W

January 2021


25th May 2020

1st June 2020

“This product is an absolute fave!! The texture, result and beautiful scent all 10/10! the pads are SO soft and the balm feels so kind to the skin.”

- Chelsea Grazia, Make Up Artist

6th June 2020

 Olivia Falcon, The Editors List

21st May 2020


7th June 2020

“I can literally feel the glands under my eyes popping and loosening up. Such a relief after a long, tiring day!”

- George C, 28, London

10th May 2020

10th June 2020

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