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Looking After Your Eyelids.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Eyelids and lashes need extra care - not only do they have some of the thinnest skin on your body but they also are a common site of inflammation.

Another thing that may be causing your eyes discomfort is sore or inflamed eyelids.

Technically termed "Blepharitis", this issue can be caused by bacteria or dandruff or an eye mite. It effects the glands inside your lids that produce the oily layer of your tears. Your eyes and lids become red, inflamed, feel gritty and constantly uncomfortable.

“It is a myth that it is the same as dry eyes. Dry eyes can cause blepharitis and blepharitis can cause dry eyes, however they are separate conditions.”

It is also not true that blepharitis causes the white of your eye to become red and inflamed. This is a separate condition called conjunctivitis.

Interesting Facts

  • Causes may be bacteria, demodex mites, dry eyes or skin conditions like dandruff

  • Traditional treatments like eyedrops can sometimes make it worse and cause an allergic reaction

  • 30 million Americans may have blepharitis (

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